Help for the discreetPDFsigner

Qualified digital signature on PDF files locally on computer

Qualified signatures can now also be applied to PDF documents locally on the computer. To do this, use the "Discrete HTML Signer" with the open interface of "PrivaSphere Sign & Send" or others.

The documents do not leave your device. Locally, the hash value required for the signature is calculated and transmitted to "PrivaSphere Sign & Send". The returned "signature block" will then be inserted locally into your document.

The signature is done via Swisscom "All-in Signing Service" and the authorization via MobileID (confirmation via PIN/fingerprint/FaceID/...).

Signing with the "Discrete Signer" works with MobileID authentication using SIM/App or  password and Short Message (SMS).


    Activated "PrivaSphere Sign & Send" service.
    A discrete signing software - e.g. from

   or from


the "Discreete Signer" is also available as a local installation.


Certify PDF documents

The certification of a PDF document is also called "sealing the document". The document can be only certified once and cannot be signed again after it is certified.

In Adobe Reader, certified documents show a blue ribbon at the top of the document that contains the name of the signer or certifier, as well as the issuer of the certificate. This indicates the authenticity and origin of the document.