Signer Profile Export

In the interface the personal settings can be stored locally as a configuration file.




  • "name":"Jack Smith"
    user's name (free text)
  • "email":""
    user's email address
  • "reason":"I sign this document"
    free text
  • "location":"8032 Zürich"
    free text location
  • "certify":false/true
    certify signature
  • "displaySignature":false/true
    show/hide signature in document
  • "pictureBase64":"xxxx...xxxx"
    Base64 encoded image
  • "login":""
    PrivaSphere login information (username)
  • "password":null
    PrivaSphere password (Caution: plaintext)
  • "provider":""
    URL of discreete signer
  • "hideitmpw":null
  • "siguploadurl":null
  • "focusPage":"first"
    first/last page-standard position on doument of signature
  • "embed_fonts":false
    Embedded fonts for PDF/A compatibility

The above settings can also be set via URL-parameters.

Furthermore, you can configure the texts of the signature box



Language data settings for en/de:
text added in signature (four yellow marks – if you leave them on ‘null’, the defaults will be taken):

  • sigBy: text before name. If you start the text with “\n” , a empty line will be placed before the chosen text.
  • on: text before date
  • in: text before location
  • dateFormat: define date format; if you put a “ “ , no date will be shown


see also Supported URL-Parameters


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