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If you have an idea for a software or a software-based service in line with the mission of the foundation,

please contact us at application@my-d.org

Call for Projects

The “My-D Foundation” is addressing the “hen-and-egg” problem in the field of linked open data by supporting projects that feature interdisciplinary showcase applications along with concerted efforts to improve the data basis the applications build on. Its first call for projects focuses on the intersection of Wikidata and other public sources of data (e.g. OGD). Project proposals in english can be submitted until 28 February 2019.

more Information: https://p4u.ch/myd_call

Formal criteria

  • Formal requirements regarding the application other than the deadline and the language?
    The result must be open source (e.g. under https://p4u.ch/agpl) and published (e.g. on github or a GitLab by my-d)
  • What are the selection criteria?
    Result must be software, for acceptance see https://p4u.ch/pca
  • Are there any expectations regarding the requested funding amounts?
    In phases, initial phase not exceeding 10K

JavaScript S/MIME Message Creator

(currently under development)

  • Security and protection of citizen and institutions interacting with authorities and other communication partners
  • Available tool useful to a large population of issue-aware, but not technically sophisticated users
  • Runs in any major (HTML5-capable) browser on all major operating systems. No installation is required.
  • It runs locally within the browser on the user’s computer.
  • No contents or keys are transferred through the network. Not leaving any traces of what they use it for.
  • S/MIME provides state-of-the-art security. Asymmetric key-based cryptography provides much better resilience against brute-force attacks as compared to symmetric password-based cryptography.
  • S/MIME is an open standard with wide industry support. Open source software libraries are readily available for all major platforms.


An interactive web application for discovering Zurich’s (and later the World’s) fountains, promoting (with a showcase app) and supporting both Open Data and open source. It should allow for feedback loops to keep the public utility alive and possibly extend it and in the best case even foster the creation of a “community” around the topic. Generalized, it will be a system to aggregate heterogeneous data of public interest in an efficient and user-friendly way.



WC-Guide Project

WC-Guide is the largest directory of public toilets in Switzerland, founded in 2008 by Adriano Fattizzo and Corinne Grond of the association "Sonnenschauer Projects". The WC-Guide was first available as a website, followed by apps for iPhone and Android with the distribution of smartphones.

Users of the WC-Guide can view details of registered toilets, make their own entries or generate error messages for existing entries. Since the reliability of the entries is important to us, the entries will be checked by us before publication.

Meanwhile the WC-Guide is available in four languages: German, French, Italian and English and has over 6100 toilets in its directory.

Download the Application

Press Clippings

from Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), 25.09.2015 - S. Betschon

"... erkennt Literaturwissenschafter Manfred Schneider einen <<Technofatalismus>>. Die <<Propheten der reinen Sichtbarkeit>> hätten jede Vorstellung von Recht und Normativität aufgeben und verlangen eine Unterwerfung unter die <<Tatsächlichkeit des Technischen>>. Zu beobachten sei die <<Umkehrung, dass wir heute Technologien nicht entwickeln, um damit etwas zu tun, sondern dass wir tun was uns eine entwickelte Technik aufdrängt>>."